Magimix Cook Expert: take advantage of a great reduction on the 5-star food processor

The most complete multifunction robot-cooker on the market is offered for a few days with a 10% reduction plus an additional 225 euros in accessories as a gift.A little review of this wonderful culinary assistant, designed and manufactured entirely in France.

There is something timeless about the Magimix Cook Expert, reassuring too, perhaps due to its sleek design, in particular its heavy cubic base with rounded edges, reminiscent of the shape of the multifunction robots launched by the French brand over the past thirty years, and the oldest of which still stand proudly in our parents' kitchens.Or, it is the fact of knowing that the French manufacturer has integrated into its robot-cooker the most proven? The technical sheet seems to confirm this, as do the 5 stars awarded by the Digital Laboratory to the Cook Expert.

Like all Magimix robots, the Cook Expert incorporates a professional motor, manufactured in the historic Montceau-les-Mines factory.Its particularity is that the speed of the rotor, driven by an electromagnetic field, adapts mechanically to the density of the preparation present in the tank, depending on the mode chosen The more compact it is, the slower it runs Nothing electronic or digital in this type of motor, which is widely used in industry, This is because of its simplicity and reliability.As proof, that of the Cook Expert is guaranteed for 30 years.That is to say the time required to prepare 150,000 liters of soup!

A robot cooker designed to last

The control panel is part of this sustainable approach.No touch buttons and other digital scales integrated here.These accessories are certainly attractive, but what about their long-term, even very long-term reliability? Mechanical buttons might be a little less sexy, but they're sturdy, proven, and wipes clean with a sponge without asking any questions.Due to the number of functions available, Magimix doesn't could ignore the LCD screen, but the display is minimalist, to the point that it only takes a few seconds to understand how it works.

Posted Date: 2020-11-18

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